Andyroid vs BlueStacks – Which one will you choose?

The increasing number of apps on the play store has seen the inception of several android emulators on the market. The total developers across the world have collectively made hundreds of android emulators that provide basic support along with added features to make their creation stand out among the competition.

Our demands from emulators are mostly regarding compatibility with a variety of apps and overall stability in performance with adequate security. Similarly, there’s also the need for good graphics rendering and clear sound capabilities in these emulators to ultimately watch Full HD content and easily play graphics-intensive games on your PC & Mac devices.

So, let’s compare the top two Android Emulators on the market in terms of their features and other determining factors that’ll decide which among the two is the best choice.


Ease of use and setup

The foremost category discusses how each emulator is made available to be accessed, installed and relatively how convenient it is to use them over the other.


It is plainly too simple to install Bluestacks on your system. You can just visit its official website to obtain this software and begin installing it by logically proceeding with the following prompts displayed on your screen. Once the installation is done, you’ll be greeted with the home screen in no time. Installing apps is easy too by simply using the search bar in the pre-installed play store to acquire all the apps and games that you may like.


You follow a similar procedure to get the Andyroid android emulator on your systems. Download, install and run it to be welcomed by a familiar home screen that you’ve seen before on your older Android devices.

Winner – Bluestacks


This factor is one of the main driving forces behind people choosing to install android emulators on their systems so they can enjoy the millions of free games that can be easily found at the play store.


You are already recommended a few games once you install the Bluestacks system and want to install other games on it, then you can do so by visiting the play store. While most games run smoothly, some heavier games might require an upgraded CPU and RAM to run efficiently. It also happens to provide direct streaming to Twitch and Facebook accounts, thus announcing its primary purpose of use for gaming.


You can bet this app focuses on providing you a complete experience and despite it, most games run pretty smoothly and with good stability when directly compared to Bluestacks. Network-based games are a breeze to play because its mechanics are optimized in that regard for delivering the best performance, along with allowing you the feature to use your handheld devices as controllers if you don’t own an original controller for PC.

Winner – Andyroid


This happens to be the next good enough reason to get emulators on your system. All play and no work makes everyone unemployed!


This is one area where the Bluestacks seems to suffer more than a little for it’s tensive to run productivity apps such as google drive and Microsoft office without experiencing serious lagging issues. Since it was always advertised to be an Android emulator that’s good for gaming, also having other useful apps work without a wrinkle can do wonders for this software.


Since Andyroid focuses on the overall experience, it does deliver more than our expectations in this category since it uses an advanced version of Android OS. All the productivity apps like TVTap and other, third party launchers, widgets work flawlessly and they even deliver notifications on time.

Winner – Andyroid

Final Words

It should come as no surprise that Andyroid is clearly the best Android Emulator between the two since it offers a proper overall experience in most of the features that it offers.