Best Alternatives to Andyroid

Are you looking for a good Android Emulator that works seamlessly with your hardware as well as the environment you’re installing it on?

Requiring an Android Emulator could have multiple reasons and each of them differs from person to person. While Android Emulators are plenty on the market, most of them often fail to deliver their promises because of improper coding or technical hardware issues, or incompatibility with software version, etc. Besides these difficulties, there’s also the fact that some Android Emulators might quietly collect your personal data or worse, infect your systems by compromising them with malware and other viruses.

Keeping all of these issues and requirements in mind, there are still few android emulators on the market that you can actually trust and rely on for your diverse needs.

Andyroid is an Android Emulator that runs Android 4.2.2 Jellybean which offers wide compatibility with most free and paid applications present on the market. It also features full-screen mode so that you can enjoy your content in theater mode.

The application window can also be resizable which enables all the apps within it to auto adjust to the custom resolution without crashing. Additionally, you can also use your phone as a controller to access, navigate and manage the emulator as it sits next to other programs in the taskbar or finder.

If you require more functionality from your android emulator, then you can check out these amazing best alternatives to Andyroid described below.

Best Alternatives to Andyroid


This one is undoubtedly by far the most famous Android Emulator to exist in the market. Bluestacks is based on Android KitKat 4.4 which can still run millions of android apps and is also counted among the best android systems to ever exist. The pre-installed Google Play Store makes this app the first choice for many users since it allows them easy access to the most extensive app store containing popular apps, games, movies, books and more!

Using this emulator, you can live-stream to your Twitch account and also to your Facebook account for showing off your prowess and skills to the world when you’re gaming or otherwise hosting a performance. This feature is exclusive to this emulator aside from basic conveniences such as multitasking between different apps. This free service sometimes does display ads but you could get rid of them by purchasing the premium version annually which also adds quick-support.

Remix OS Player

This is an operating system based on the Android x86 project which allows users to run multiple android apps on devices containing older AMD or x86 Intel chipsets. If you do not wish to install Remix OS Player then you can use it as an Android Emulator too for both Windows and Mac devices. It ships with Android Marshmallow 6.0 which is an exclusive default feature and definitely unconventional when you compare it directly against other emulators.

Best Alternatives to Andyroid

It has a fresh interface with shortcut buttons and even a taskbar for easy and simple navigation! You could install the Google Play store on it to download your favorite apps if you do not particularly like the default suggested apps within the system’s own app store called Remix Central.

This emulator is specifically optimized for gaming purposes which allows you to map your keyboard buttons and also lets you manage several games simultaneously on the same screen of your system.

Nox Player

Another known android emulator in the market after Bluestacks, is Nox Player. Nox player is comprised of some intermediate features that provide excellent performance within its Android Kitkat 4.4 system. The interface could be a little bit extra but it does checkout several boxes in terms of features such as the ability to change the number of total invested CPU cores and total memory which altogether aids in running the system and apps efficiently.

You could also choose to lock the FPS at a fixed number and you can pick between two different graphics rendering modes namely OpenGL or Direct X.

Although you get in-built Google Play Store, installing apps in this emulator is a breeze with the ability to simply drag and drop APK files to install them. Another feature is key mapping which is called simulate touch within the emulator for making it easier to play games with multiple touch controls. What’s more is that, the system is pre-rooted to allow you install special apps for various development and personal purposes.


MEmu is a high-performing Android Emulator specifically for Windows systems. It comes with Android Lollipop 4.2 which is old but still compatible with hundreds of thousands of apps in the market. It can be upgraded to Android Nougat 5.0 but only if you wish to download additional package files.

Best Alternatives to Andyroid

The Google Play Store is pre-installed, so you can seek your favorite games and apps on it and start using them in no time. The compatibility is what makes it onto this list because it supports both Intel and AMD chipsets along with drivers support from Nvidia which can be useful in graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming and so on.

There’s a screen-shot tool that works even in full-screen mode along with a kill-process manager and a screen recorder to record crucial things displayed on your screen. There’s also a key mapping feature which is useful for playing games. There’s an operation record tool that lets you automate touch-screen actions on command.

Lastly, the default association of APK files is established soon as you install MEmu which means you can double-click any APK file from anywhere on your system to launch it in the emulator which also allows you to push apps into your phone using a USB cable.


Before you install the brainchild of American Megatrends on your system, you’ll need to have Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 or higher along with the ‘Virtualisation Technology’ being enabled in the BIOS.

AMIDuOS is also known as DuOS to many people who are comfortable with using Android Lollipop 5.1 which comes pre-installed into the system. However, it ships with Amazon App Store and there’s no pre-built Google Play Store but it can be installed by simply using the required APK.

AMIDuOS supports gamepads and external GPS hardware along with the settings which allow you to manually change RAM size, FPS and DPI. It comes pre-rooted, thus making it easier for developers to gain admin rights for different kinds of workloads.

Final Words

These are some of the best Android Emulators which are revered by millions across the world for their individually separate needs and yet, picking any among these won’t disappoint you if your primary purpose of usage is only casual gaming, browsing or streaming.