How to get MX Player on Mac with Andyroid

Are you someone who’s been using android emulators in the past but now you’d like to try something new, something with more benefits? Have you recently switched your workstation or personal device to a Mac and now you are unsure as to how you can install an android emulator on it?

Although there are plenty of android emulators in the market, only a few out of the hundreds can provide you what you may truly seek. They may differ in size and in the features that they provide but they also need to be reliable as well as being trustworthy at the same time.

There’s also the matter of compatibility with hardware and software support which are both crucial if you consider using one of these emulators for work purposes or even casual activities.

Viewing all these requirements and the fact that you might be using a Mac on which you want an android emulator to be installed, we have the perfect suggestion for you as to which one you should pick for all your needs.

Andyroid is a free android emulator that allows you to run a variety of android applications on popular and major system environments. While it has been honored within the community as one of the best emulators, it has also been witnessed that Andyroid works flawlessly with all the Mac devices.

What Andyroid offers?

You get several features with this android emulator that caters to your needs without being too intrusive or even malicious. You can run apps on full screen or customize your window size according to your needs and the running app will customize it’s resolution accordingly without serving errors.


There’s also a feature that lets you link your mobile devices with Andyroid to run all your Android apps seamlessly on a bigger screen while also using the same for navigation and other actions. You are provided with the Android KitKat 4.2.2 system that runs millions of apps from the market properly and smoothly.

Before we get you familiar with the guide on how to get an MX player on Mac with Andyroid, let’s have a quick overview of MX player first.

MX Player is a free android based app that offers you offline and online streaming experience with hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding which together helps you run both music and videos with great enhancements. The app also supports subtitles and you can also stream various Movies, TV Shows, Series, Sports channels and News for free!

Set up Andyroid on Mac

Let’s proceed towards the steps necessary to get an MX player on Mac with Andyroid. Now, to run an MX player, you’ll first need to set up Andyroid on your system.

  • Download Andyroid on your Mac using the link provided below.
  • Run the DMG file you downloaded which shall open a window displaying a box and the logo of Andyroid, Double-click on the logo of Andyroid to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the prompts to install Andyroid on your Mac. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be notified with a dialogue box displaying that the installation is successful.
  • Seek in Finder for Andyroid or go to your Applications folder to open Andyroid.
  • Andyroid will initially compile all resources and services, so the first run might be littler slower than you might’ve expected but soon as it’s done, you’ll be shown the home screen of Andyroid which means the process of setting up Andyroid was Successful.

Andyroid on Mac

Get MX Player on Mac

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get MX Player on your Mac.

  • Download MX Player using the link provided below and save it to your system.
  • Navigate towards the file path of MX Player APK and double click it.
  • This will lead the system to load the APK file in Andyroid thereby installing it on your Android Emulator.
  • Once the installation completes, you may see an icon on the home screen on Andyroid. Click at the Icon of MX Player to run it.
  • You have now successfully installed MX Player on your Mac with Andyroid and now you can also start watching your favorite Movies.

Besides this method there’s another method for you to get MX Player on your Mac with Andyroid.

  • Open Andyroid on your Mac and search for Google Play Store.

MX Player

  • To open the Play Store you’ll be asked to sign in, do it and then search for MX Player in the play store using the search bar which will return you results and similar hits.
  • Pick the official MX Player app from the list and click to install.
  • Soon as the installation is completed, you can see the app icon on the home screen.
  • Run the MX Player to watch your favorites from local storage or start streaming tons of media content online!

Final Words

As you might’ve seen, it’s easy to install MX Player on your Mac using Andyroid. Now watch all your desired videos and listen to any number of playlists on MX player over a bigger screen in High Quality.

Download MX Player on Andyroid for free today!