How to use Android Video Editor Apps on Windows using Andyroid

Creation is the driving force behind the 21st century where innovation is immensely needed in all fields to overcome the looming decadence. There are no limits as to what you can do by becoming an influencer with whom people could connect. To become an influencer, you’ll need to put yourself in front of people which can be easily achieved by using multiple popular streaming platforms. You could put your videos on those sites to gain views and slowly improve your channel as well as gain subscribers and followers.

Thousands of Video Editor apps could be found on the Play Store that could help you build a channel but you’ll require the one among the best. Besides the Video Editor, you’ll also need a good Android Emulator which can handle such processing load. Andyroid is one such Android Emulator that can meet all your demands while also providing extra functions.

Why Andyroid?

Andyroid is built on stable Android 4.2.2 Jellybean which to date supports millions of both free and paid applications and also runs them smoothly. You’re getting a Full-screen interface which is perfect for video editing purpose and there’s the additional feature to resize the screen to custom resolutions without causing crashing or freezing issues due to the cool auto-adjust. You can connect your phone too, for managing ad navigating within the emulator or for sharing files between your PC to Mobile. Isn’t it just perfect?

Use Android Video Editor App on Windows using Andyroid

One of the best Video Editor on the Android platform today, is the KineMaster. Using it, you can add multiple layers to a video for applying text, stickers, filters, and objects which will create impressive layered video clips. Use various blending modes with EQ presets to create beautiful effects and get a better result with a diverse appeal. You can also add background music, sounds, voices and more with volume envelope tools to make the ultimate best video of your era. Additionally, KineMaster supports export for 4k videos at 30 FPS with the use of tools like trim, splice, time-lapse, slow motion, etc to make your content fit in yet stand out.

KineMaster on Andyroid

This guide shows you how to get KineMaster for Android on Windows using Andyroid:

  • Navigate to the homepage of Andyroid or Download Andyroid Emulator with the link given below.
  • Run the installer to follow the prompts for installing the Andyroid emulator on your system. (You can ‘Decline’ third-party promotions/downloads while installing the app).

andyroid install

  • After installation, open the Andyroid Emulator by double-clicking the desktop icon to be greeted with the home screen.
  • You can now download the KineMaster APK from the provided download button.
  • Double click the APK in case you have downloaded it and follow the instructions to successfully install the app.
  • Access the KineMaster from the home screen of Andyroid.

Final Words

The incredible Andyroid Emulator is a tool for various purposes and it doesn’t fall short on any demands whilst meeting many others, that too without any compromises. Get the Andyroid Emulator to use Video Editor Apps for Android on Windows.